Acne Treatment

Everyone with acne knows that it is a difficult problem to treat. Everyone with success in managing it know that persistence is important.

Acne is a difficult problem because it has several underlying causes often operating at the same time: hormones, oil production, bacterial infection with P. acnes, and genetic influences. At Bay Area Laser Skin Care, we thoroughly evaluate the patient and treat with the simplest, most effective means for that individual. Prescriptions and by-physician treatments generally work best.

For hard to treat acne and for individuals who wish to avoid strong medications we can treat with Palomar intense pulsed light. The violet light from this advance technology kills the bacteria (P. acnes) within the skin that cause the pustules of acne. Usually a series of 8 treatments are performed at once or twice weekly intervals. We often recommend that there be a combination approach to treatment. Never was there a battle won without persistence and more than one weapon.